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5 Questions with Tom Biederman

Posted by Biederman Real Estate on October 8, 2019
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Our new feature, Agent Spotlight. We begin with our Broker, Tom Biederman. Read on……

Q: Why do you enjoy being a real estate agent?

A: The foundation answer is that I like to help people, secondarily, I love land, always have, always will.

Q: What was your funniest experience in real estate?

A: I took an elderly lady to see a large house on a farm which was vacant. However I could hear some kind of noise inside, so I knocked with no response, so I open the door and a WHITE OWL flew right at me, scaring the%#$T of me and nearly give the lady a heart attack!

Q: Where was the strangest place you did a closing?

A: The hood of my truck.

Q: Describe the property you enjoyed selling the most?

A: Indian Mound Farm from the David Rockefeller Estate to Golden Age Farm. 410 acres, absolutely beautiful historic property with a real Indian Mound (burial ground). The buyers were they only folks that saw it, looked at it once, made an offer of $14,000 per acre ($5,400,000) and closed three weeks later.

Q: Why should people let you help them with their real estate needs?

A: I say this a lot and so far I’ve been true “I refuse to let someone buy a bad piece of property, I want happy neighbors”

Q: What do you love the most about living in Kentucky?

A: February!….just kidding. I do like at least three of the seasons. But back to an earlier answer. I love land and Kentucky has some of the best land in the world. I also love the grit, integrity, common sense, and grace of true Kentuckians.


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