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5 Reasons to sell your equestrian farm: how to make it successful

Posted by Biederman Real Estate on February 21, 2020
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If you decide to sell your horse farm, you probably want to move and buy a new house, or you just don’t want to do it anymore. There is only one thing that keeps you from doing this, and that’s what you need to do quickly. In this article we will figure out how to sell it quickly and expensively.

1. Seek help from a professional

Before you do anything else, find a reputable agent who knows how and has experience in marketing and horsepower.

Finding a professional is quite difficult, but if you can, it will be the best outcome. It will help you to sell your farm successfully. Perhaps he has a large network of people who will be interested in buying your farm.

He specializes in equestrian and country real estate and you can count on his help from the moment of hiring to the moment of closing.

2. Get everything in order

If you have an arena, make sure it is free of manure and in good condition. You can also arrange several jumps to make it more attractive.

If you do not have an arena, you should seriously consider investing in one. Horse-riding enthusiasts love to walk, but they also like to enjoy the arena, especially those who are serious competitors.

Although most buyers are focused on the ground, barn, stables, and other external properties, ensuring that the house is an attractive paves the way for faster sales.

The redrawing of the interior and exterior of the house improves the appearance of the house and makes it more attractive to buyers.

Like any other house for sale, the interior of your main building should look bigger and brighter. This can be achieved by getting rid of everything you don’t use and renting a storage space where you can put most of your belongings.

Thanks to the deep cleaning of the main building, it looks very clean and sparkling. It also removes any long smell and makes your home more attractive, which is what customers like.

Horses like to eat. If it were up to them, they would eat all day and most of the night. Horse animals are designed for slow and stable grazing and eating during the day.

One of the scariest scenes you can see first thing in the morning is a horse that somehow got into the stern and swallowed the grain.

Like people, if we eat something bad or overeat, and our stomachs hurt, we can be torn out and then it will be easier for us.

Horses do not physically throw up. This can lead to colic or severe stomach aches and can be fatal. An excellent condition is that there is space for the grain of the horses, like a feed room. This will greatly increase the value of your farm.

Also take care of the fence, it is very important, it will be good if you paint it. Make the plot attractive to the buyer.

3. Increasing the attractiveness of the site

Buyers first see your property behind the fence, so increasing its attractiveness is an important step when you decide to sell it. The first impression from the buyer is very important, so you need to make sure that your property is attractive and impressive.

Some of the things you can do include:

  • Keep the visible parts of the property clean
  • Remove from the yard to the barn, pastures, stables and houses.
  • Clean up all the tools and the mess.

4. Еvaluate their land

Not all land is favorable for horses – steep slopes, heavily forested areas and marshy areas consisting of weakly drained soil are undesirable qualities in horse breeding. Therefore, the value of your farm is directly dependent on the land.

Steep slopes create excessive stress on tender tendons and ligaments, sharp tree branches reach the unprotected eyes, and soup soil can lead to rotting and weakening of hoof walls.

Very stony soils can cause bruising on the delicate soles of hooves, as well as stress and cracks on the walls of hooves. Farms with stagnant water can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes that can transmit potentially deadly diseases to horses.

Professional appraisers can help you with the evaluation of your land.

5. The price of your property is critical. This determines whether you will attract buyers or scare them away.

According to the NAR Real Estate 2017 report, about 88% of buyers are looking for a property to buy online. Since most of the information is available online, it is easy for buyers to find out if property prices are too high. When buyers see that your horse is being valued at market value, they are likely to see it as a good purchase. There are some tips about pricing your farm, property prices put your horse farm in the sight of the buyer. Too high a price will turn them off, which will keep your home on the market for a long time. Write a good selling text, you probably won’t be able to do it yourself: best essay writing service on Reddit

Before putting your horse up for sale, make sure that you resolve all disputes concerning both the property and the lease. Make sure that your employees know what you are selling and that everyone agrees. Solve any questions before you start selling, so that when potential buyers arrive, the staff is ready to help.

Confidence will help you sell your horse farm quickly so that you can start moving and buying property in a new location.

And if you’re thinking of selling your equestrian farm, give us a call at Biederman Real Estate and Auctioneers for a complimentary market analysis! 859-277-2030 info@biedermanrealestate.com

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November 21, 2019

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