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A Premier Turn-Key Training Center in the Heart of Central Kentucky

Posted by bluemillion on May 1, 2024
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In the world of thoroughbred racing, the significance of a top-tier training facility cannot be overstated. It’s not just about having the space to train; it’s about providing an environment where champions are cultivated, where every detail is tailored towards harnessing and enhancing the natural ability of these magnificent horses. Biederman Real Estate and Auctioneers (BREA) is thrilled to present a unique opportunity for discerning horse owners and trainers: the prestigious property located at 1399 Hedden Road, formerly known as the Blackwood Training Center.

Excellence in Equine Facilities

Located between some of the most renowned names in the thoroughbred industry – Lane’s End, Three Chimneys, WinStar, and Airdrie – this 275 acre property stands as a testament to unrivaled equestrian excellence. The former Blackwood Training Center has been meticulously designed and maintained, ensuring that every aspect of its infrastructure supports the development and well-being of racehorses.

State-of-the-Art Training Infrastructure

  • Tracks and Courses: Featuring a meticulously maintained six-furlong track with a heated viewing stand for year-round training observation. The property also boasts a seven-furlong undulating turf course and a one-mile woodchip gallop, offering varied terrain for comprehensive training regimens.
  • Training Barns: Two state-of-the-art 26 stall Training Barns provide ample space for conditioning elite racehorses, supplemented by four additional barns that can serve both training and breeding operations, totaling 122 stalls.
  • Recovery and Care Facilities: With an Aquatred and cold water spa, the center prioritizes the health and recovery of each horse, ensuring they receive the best care possible.
  • Watering System: A huge spring with holding tank guarantees the tracks and fields are optimally maintained, providing perfect conditions for training sessions.
  • Additional Training Amenities: The facility includes three 60′ round pens for focused training, alongside a shop and hay storage complex, emphasizing the turn-key nature of this premier property.

Comprehensive Accommodations

Understanding the needs of a bustling training center, the property features a manager house and two employee houses, facilitating on-site management and care. This ensures that staff can respond promptly to the needs of the horses and the facility at any time.

Expansive Outdoor Spaces

Spanning across vast acres, the center is equipped with 40 paddocks and 8 larger fields, offering plenty of room for horses to train, graze, and relax. These outdoor spaces are crucial for the mental and physical well-being of the horses, contributing to their overall training success.

A Rare Opportunity

Included in the sale are a 4 horse starting gate and all necessary equipment to maintain the track, including tractors, water trucks, harrows, and drags. This ensures the new owners will have a seamless transition into the operation of this exceptional training center.

The offering of 1399 Hedden Road represents a rare opportunity to own a premier turn-key training center in the heart of Central Kentucky. Its unparalleled facilities and location amidst the giants of the thoroughbred industry make it a coveted asset for anyone serious about racing excellence.

At Biederman Real Estate and Auctioneers, we understand the unique needs of the equine industry, and we are proud to present this extraordinary property to the market. If you are seeking to elevate your racing operations to the next level, look no further than this exquisite training center. It’s not just a property; it’s a legacy waiting for its next chapter.

For more information or to schedule a viewing, please contact Biederman Real Estate and Auctioneers. Discover how this premier facility can become the foundation of your racing success.

Biederman Real Estate, your partner in excellence, invites you to explore the pinnacle of equestrian training facilities. Join us in shaping the future champions of the thoroughbred racing world.

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