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Biederman Real Estate Celebrates Westin Osborn’s Latest Real Estate Achievement: The Sale of Springland Farm

Posted by bluemillion on June 13, 2024
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Westin Osborn of Biederman Rea Estate and Auctioneers

At Biederman Real Estate and Auctioneers (BREA), we take immense pride in the accomplishments of our dedicated agents. Today, we are thrilled to congratulate Westin Osborn on the successful sale of Springland Farm, a magnificent 262-acre property located in the heart of Bourbon County, Kentucky. Sold last week for an impressive $3,900,000, this sale underscores the expertise and commitment that Westin brings to
every transaction.x

The Complexity of Selling a Bluegrass Gem

Securing an accepted purchase contract is often perceived as one of the most challenging aspects of real estate. However, as seasoned professionals know, it can sometimes be the easiest part of the job — especially when dealing with a property as complex and expansive as Springland Farm.

The seller faced the daunting task of relocating not only his family but also over 70 broodmares belonging to dozens of clients. This involved coordinating the move-out of two primary residences, two employee residences, and six barns. The inspection process was meticulous and demanding for both agent and inspector, often overwhelming for buyer and seller alike.

Navigating Post-Occupancy Agreements with Livestock

Post-occupancy agreements add another layer of complexity to real estate transactions. While they may be relatively straightforward for residential properties, they become significantly more intricate when livestock is involved. Ensuring the welfare of 70 plus broodmares during the transition required exceptional coordination, comprehensive planning, and an element of trust between buyer and seller. Ultimately, it is paramount that buyer and seller can cooperate beyond closing to ensure these agreements are executed successfully.

The True Value of a Realtor

Many buyers underestimate the complexities of the buying process, often assuming it’s as simple as finding a property on Zillow and sending an offer. While this might sometimes be the case, the reality is far more nuanced. The true value of a skilled Realtor shines through in situations like these.
In light of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) settlement scrutinizing Realtor commissions, it’s important to highlight the extensive services we provide. From meticulous inspections to managing intricate post-occupancy agreements, we work tirelessly to bring deals to the closing table while advocating for our clients’ best interests.

Commitment to Excellence

When asked about potential changes to agent compensation, Westin’s response remains unwavering: “Good work will always get paid, and discounted pay will always result in discounted work.” At BREA, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and achieving the best outcomes for our clients, regardless of market changes or new regulations.

For more details on this sale, you can reference the article from Thoroughbred Daily News here.

About Biederman Real Estate and Auctioneers

Biederman Real Estate and Auctioneers is a Lexington-based company specializing in Kentucky farms, auctions, residential, commercial, and development property sales. Since 1985, BREA has been a trusted name in real estate, representing buyers and sellers in over $750 million in transactions. Our dedication goes beyond business; we are committed to serving our clients and giving back to our community. This commitment is embodied in Tom Biederman’s Volunteering Through Auctioneering Program. We also invite you to explore Tom’s “Best of Lexington Guide” to discover the best our beautiful city has to offer.

For a FREE personalized consultation contact Biederman Real Estate today @(859) 277-2030, info@biedermanrealestate.com. Enjoy this Q&A interview with Tom Biederman.

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