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Welcome to the 150th Kentucky Derby with Biederman Real Estate and Auctioneers

Posted by bluemillion on May 1, 2024
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The Kentucky Derby, known as the “most exciting two minutes in sports,” is more than just a horse race. It’s a celebration of tradition, fashion, and the joyful spirit that envelops our beautiful state of Kentucky each spring. This year, as we mark the 150th running of the Derby, Biederman Real Estate and Auctioneers (BREA) extends a warm welcome to visitors from around the globe. Join us in experiencing the grandeur and excitement of this historic event.

A Tradition of Excellence

For 150 years, the Kentucky Derby has captivated audiences with its thrilling races, stunning displays of thoroughbred beauty, and a rich sense of tradition that harkens back to the early days of horse racing. Reflecting on this tradition, Tom Biederman, the Owner/Broker of BREA shares, “The Kentucky Derby isn’t just a race; it’s a vibrant example of history and culture that showcases the best of what Kentucky has to offer. It’s an event where passion, excellence, and community come together in perfect harmony.” Much like the Derby, BREA has established a tradition of excellence in the realm of real estate. Since 1985, we’ve been dedicated to connecting clients with the finest properties in Kentucky, from sprawling farms to residential havens, echoing the commitment to quality and heritage that the Derby represents.

The Height of Fashion

The Derby is also a stage for extravagant fashion, where Derby hats and elegant attire take center stage, reflecting the creativity and style of attendees. This celebration of fashion mirrors BREA’s approach to presenting properties, where each listing is showcased in its best light, appealing to the refined tastes of our discerning clientele. “At the Derby, fashion is a statement, and every hat, every dress, every suit tells a story. It’s a reminder that whether in fashion or in finding the perfect farm, individuality and quality stand out,” says Tom. As you enjoy the pageantry of Derby fashion, remember that whether it’s finding the perfect hat or the perfect property, attention to detail and a flair for the exceptional are key.

A Time for Frivolity

Beyond the race and the fashion, the Kentucky Derby is a time of joyous celebration. From the iconic mint juleps to the vibrant parties dotting the city, the Derby is a testament to the spirit of fun and festivity that defines our community. BREA embraces this spirit wholeheartedly, striving to make every real estate experience not just a transaction, but a memorable adventure. We believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back, as demonstrated through Tom Biederman’s Volunteering Through Auctioneering Program.

Your Guide to the Best of Lexington

For those visiting for the Derby, we invite you to explore Tom’s “Best of Lexington Guide.” Discover the finest dining, shopping, and cultural experiences our city has to offer, handpicked to ensure your visit is as thrilling as the race itself. “Lexington is a city of hidden gems and vibrant culture, waiting to be discovered by those who visit,” Tom adds. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned Derby-goer, there’s always something new and exciting to explore in Lexington.

Join Us in Celebration

Biederman Real Estate and Auctioneers is proud to be part of the Lexington community, and we’re excited to share the magic of the Kentucky Derby with you. As we celebrate this milestone 150th Derby, we’re reminded of the enduring traditions, the bold fashion statements, and the sheer joy that make this sporting event so special. Whether you’re here for the horses, the hats, or the farms, BREA is here to welcome you with open arms.

For more information contact Biederman Real Estate today @(859) 277-2030, info@biedermanrealestate.com or enjoy this Q&A interview with Tom Biederman.

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Rain or shine, it’s Derby time. Tom Biederman and wife Lisa are long time attendees at the Kentucky Derby.

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